Who we are

The Studio Legale Associato Saporito&Ferrari Law Firm is a full-service firm founded in 2002, thanks the professional meeting of lawyers Stefano Saporito and Riccardo Ferrari. After years of individual experience gained in their area of professional and territorial reference, Saporito and Ferrari chose the associative form to improve the assistance to their customers in this light. The founders intended to maintain independence from the networks developing direct international relations of great competence and sure effectiveness.

Our Values

Service quality and specialisation

To ensure the highest quality of customisation of services, the firm is organised into divisions, broken down by competence of individuals and subject of specialisation. The work method consists in bringing together and organising the professionals belonging to the various divisions into a team that is built based on the professional peculiarities necessary for the performance of the specific task received. Professional. This is to ensure a high quality of assistance that, combined with a careful and constant exchange of information between professionals, ensures a global vision which is clear and complete even in the most complex operations

Knowledge of the client and their activity

For both retail and business customers our approach is directed, in advance, to the analysis of the context and the needs and requirements of the customer. For business customers, we also add activity analysis aimed at understanding the impact of the planned actions on their activities and relationships.


Knowledge of the customer’s status allows us to be proactive by offering ideas and solutions, both judicial and extrajudicial, innovative, aimed at making the assistance focused and useful for the real materialisation of the client's intent.Among other activities, we also organise in-depth courses, to be held at the firm or in external agreed locations, aimed at assisting and supporting the client or their employees in understanding specific issues.

Attention, availability and timeliness

We pay the utmost attention to the needs of the customer and we work to provide real, usable and calibrated answers, in a short time which also fulfils the client's operational needs.

Competitivite cost

The study model chosen by us can offer professional services efficiently and at competitive costs.


We have a great passion for our work and a strong commitment to the realisation of the interests of our customers.

Commitment to the environment

The Firm is careful with the issues related to the protection of the environment and those related to the exploitation of sustainable energy: last year we launched a division which is specialised on these issues.

Replies of substance for our customers worldwide

The firm operates fluently in English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, thanks to the collaboration with lawyers who are native speakers

We offer Legal Services and Consulting

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Stefano Saporito

Stefano Saporito

Senior Partner / Fonunder

Alessandro Fanti

Alessandro Fanti

Senior Partner

Riccardo Ferrari

Riccardo Ferrari

Senior Partner / Founder